Run your own PaaS on Kubernetes. No experience required!

Heroku sucks! Don’t get me wrong, Heroku has an amazing developer experience; they allow you to be productive from day one. No need to worry about operational overhead.

If you need to deploy many side project apps or run a small business with a couple apps in production, you’ll find Heroku costs scale upside-down. The more resources you use, the more you pay per resource. It’s the opposite of a discount! Before you know it, you're paying $1,000 to run an app.

When you search on Reddit for alternatives you find some made the switch from Heroku to Amazon EKS. After the migration they had a more performant production cluster, at a savings of about 40%.

But as you can imagine a migration to Kubernetes requires a team of engineers with experience. Even if you wanted to make the switch, as a solo-engineer that’s not possible. At this point you’re stuck running your applications, in anger, on Heroku.

A platform team in a CLI

In the last 6 years I’ve searched for solutions to this problem. No platform offers the same Heroku experience for a fraction of the cost. At best, you get a stripped down version of Heroku, and you have to manage the infrastructure yourself.

However you’ll be happy to learn that in that time I’ve studied each PaaS and built a tool that can give you the same developer experience, and operational staff to run your own PaaS and migrate off Heroku.

How it works

Heapless is a CLI to run your own PaaS on Kubernetes. The best part is no prior Kubernetes experience is required! You can run Heapless to create a Kubernetes cluster for you. The cluster is configured for general purpose according to Kubernetes best practices.

Once your cluster is created, Heapless configures your own PaaS with the best in class tools to give you the same Heroku developer experience. Heapless installs Istio to monitor network traffic, Prometheus to collect all your metrics, Grafana to visualize your platform health, and the Heapless dashboard.

With your PaaS ready, use the Heapless CLI to deploy new services, update existing ones, or delete older versions. In the Heapless dashboard let’s you observe services' health in real time via configuration details and container logs.

That’s right. You get the same Heroku experience you're used to, and you get Kubernetes without having to learn Kubernetes. With Heapless you have a platform team bundled in a CLI.

How you can get access

Heapless CLI is under active development. Currently there are 21 people on the waitlist.

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